Comunicazione Strategica

Comunicare la propria identità, valori e obiettivi strategici

Comunicazione Funzionale

Comunicare procedure e risultati in maniera più efficace

Comunicazione Creativa

Coinvolgere le tue risorse nella visione d’impresa

Comunicazione Formativa

Formazione esperienziale per gestire il cambiamento, e migliorare la comunicazione interpersonale e lavoro di squadra

Stakeholder Engagement & Project Management

Scoprire e gestire nuove relazioni e progetti

Fundraising & Community

Intraprendere un impegno sociale o di interesse per il proprio territorio


I had the chance to work with Elena and appreciate her structured and well organized consultancy skills despite her young age. She's always been very purposeful and determined in pursuing her goals, always adding value to the team with new creative ideas and solutions. Furthermore, she's always shown a deep and thorough business sense towards the Client and his needs.

Alessandro Tringali – Senior Manager at Accenture

( November 24, 2015 )

I have been working with Elena for 2 years. Elena proved out to be a skilled professional that perform any task in a responsible and efficient manners. She demonstrated very strong organizational and management abilities and is very orderly, with the ability to learn quickly and perform independently. Elena developed strong working relations with various diplomatic levels in the UN Food and Agricultural agencies. Her analytical, organizational and interpersonal skills applied to fully support the bilateral trade department activities. Elena was essential in organizing promotional campaigns and events, political and enterprise delegation visits to Israel, economic press office management and keeping the economic section website updated. Her language abilities and her overall drive and spirit have been an asset to the Economic Department.

Gila Rosiner – General Manager at Take Network Communication Ltd.

( October 1, 2015 )

Elena's ability to function across multiple languages and cultures makes her a tremendous asset for work involving international communications. She handles all communications with complete privacy and is a very high integrity person.

Jeff Nagel – Operating Partner at AEA Investors LP

( May 19, 2015 )

Ho avuto modo di supportare Elena e devo dire che lavorare con lei è stato un piacere. Elena è una persona molto sensibile, ma che, dietro questa sensibilità, nasconde una grande forza, un'ottima capacità di gestire lo stress in ogni situazione e delle impareggiabili doti di resilienza. E' anche un'inguaribile visionaria! Devo ammettere che ho imparato tanto da lei!

Gianluca Montagnoni – Supply Chain Project Senior Buyer presso GEA Refrigeration S.p.a.

( March 3, 2016 )

I had the pleasure of working with Elena on a CSR project at GE Oil & Gas in 2014 and would recommend her for such work.Elena conducted global research on the diverse GE philanthropy activities, produced a stakeholder map and was an active member of the team that created the CSR strategy for GE Oil & Gas . I was impressed with Elena's drive, passion, energy; and I appreciated her empowering and supportive style. Elena is a good communicator, a positive person and delivered for the team with high quality and integrity.

Neil Gazeley – Marketing & Communications Leader

( November 27, 2015 )

Elena is an energetic, positive and result-oriented communication player who quickly gets people on-board. Her hands-on approach to diverse people and situations generate great customer's experience and long term relationships; her multi-cultural expertise and fluent command of multiple languages support her deep communication skills and inclusiveness. It has been a pleasure for me to interact with her and I look forward to future business opportunities to do so.

Francois-Xavier Louis – Business General Manager – Services, Execution, Transformation

( January 14, 2016 )

I worked with Elena while I was working in AVSI on a social responsibility project of General Electric, relating to migrants and refugees in southern Italy. Elena is extremely skilled and she has shown excellent mediation skills between the needs of the company and the NGO.

Paola Ferrari – High Value Partnership Manager presso Mission Bambini

( February 8, 2016 )


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