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Buone Pratiche WEF Nexus in Egitto (Supporto comunicazione progetto NEX-LABS ENICBCMED)

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Sono lieta di condividere uno degli articoli che ho redatto per conto del progetto NEX LABS che vede coinvolti 7 partner Mediterranei per condividere buone pratiche per il governo del WEF nexus nell’ottica dello sviluppo sostenibile dell’eco-sistema mediterraneo. L’incarico mi è stato affidato dal partner progettuale NET7 responsabile per la comunicazione del progetto europeo. In questo articolo condivido le buone pratiche provenienti dall’Egitto.

A focus on NEX-LABS Best Practices in Egypt: highlights on the importance of strategic orientation to support innovation in Water, Energy and Food

During the past months, NEX-LABS project partners have worked with an incredible commitment to defining a list of their country-specific best practices, which are helpful to build a resilient, sustainable, and inclusive Mediterranean ecosystem for water, energy and food.

Best practices are a fundamental ingredient to building a catalogue which can be useful for policy building and for improved local entrepreneurship and community resilience. 

The survey conducted in Egypt, together with research papers, helped define four features of the country’s sustainable development in the nexus of water, energy and food: 

  1. Established Strategic Orientation, 
  2. Burgeoning Business Supporting Programs, 
  3. Adequate Scientific Knowledge Creation, as well as 
  4. Increasing Collaboration and Networking. 

In the build-up to COP27, the Egyptian government has launched the “Nexus of Water, Food and Energy (NWFE)”, an innovative and ambitious programme comprising 9 projects with a total cost of US$14.7 billion 

(…) Clicca al seguente link per leggere l’articolo https://www.enicbcmed.eu/focus-nex-labs-best-practices-egypt-highlights-importance-strategic-orientation-support-innovation