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International Cooperation Jobs – Learn how to succeed

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Personal Branding, Job Search, Presentation Skills & CV writing Workshop at COSPE Onlus December 2018

For the third year, in December I was invited to lead a workshop at
COSPE Onlus for the Project Management Diploma Students. The workshop focused on personal branding (Who am I, What do I want, What am I worth, Where do I want to go, Why do I wish to pursue a career, What can I do, Where and How do I promote my self). We assessed the gap with a deep listening reflective Ulab exercise and journaling. To then create a path, and take action through self-presentation video making, CV writing, interviewing skills, and follow-up actions. In person and online there were 20 students, and I trust they will treasure what they learned for their future development.

As a follow up, I am happy to share the most popular professional jobs being search in the industry.

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