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Intervista Agenda 2030: Il contributo allo Sviluppo Sostenibile per Cittadinanzattiva Toscana APS

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Il Comune di Firenze ha condotto un percorso partecipativo sui temi dello sviluppo del territorio in chiave di sostenibilità sociale, ambientale ed economica ed ha proposto a Cittadinanzattiva Toscana APS come associazione aderente allo Sportello Eco Equo di partecipare.

Come volontaria di Cittadinanzattiva Toscana APS ho avuto l’onore di precisare cosa intentiamo per sviluppo sostenibile e come l’associazione si propone di contribuire all’Agenda 2030, in particolare sugli obiettivi 3, 11 e 16, e come sia importante contribuire nella definizione di comunità sostenibili e apprendenti, non solo educanti.

Per approfondire Sede di Firenze:

-via Borgo Ognissanti 20, 50123 Firenze Tel : 055 6935094 – cell: 351 7274900

-c/o Padiglione NIC AOU Careggi

e-mail: firenze.cittadinanzattiva@gmail.com

facebook: Cittadinanzattiva Firenze


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Citizenship for Climate Change, addressing Wishes vs Needs for Sustainability

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We all own a piece of the world we live in today. This video does not show the interrelations of a new thinking concerning consumer behaviour. It is an invitation to look at one self before accusing governments or corporations. The Am I list is just an example, we should be questioning many more of our current actions and opportunities. Where there is a change, lies an opportunity for innovation, and we should face this positively to rediscover the illimitate resources of good human nature.

One question to reflect upon is for me: If we really could get to the levels of the “ideal” climate change, how would the younger generations react to their change of lifestyle oand not only lifestyle, but also education? What would have to disappear and what would emerge?

Link to WEF video: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/03/these-five-exercise-regimes-will-help-society-and-your-health/
Link il sole 24ore: https://www.affaritaliani.it/economia/sole24ore-verso-la-sfida-digitale-piattaforma-multimediale-servizi-premium-612248.html?refresh_ce
Timing 1:30 – Uno Mattina 20/09/2019 – https://www.raiplay.it/video/2019/09/Unomattina-53b91796-f142-49d9-9e2d-a3b45c2ee91c.html
Link Global Strike: https://globalclimatestrike.net/
Link Piani Projects: www.pianiprojects.com