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Global Perspectives Empathy Workshop @Accent Global Learning

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Last May, ACCENT GLOBAL LEARNING engaged my services to deliver a Global Perspectives workshop to help the students engage and have a more thought-out experience abroad. 

ACCENT GLOBAL LEARNING (https://accentglobal.com/) is an international company which has been for over 30 years an expert ally redefining global education with colleges, universities, and university systems, and is on a mission to advance global thinking.

The participants were students from Texas Christian University, in Italy between Florence and Rome on a 4-week program studying History of Music. To reach the organizational objective of assuring a successful study abroad experience, the chosen learning outcome was to develop empathy skills: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, and psychological safety to enable individuals to perform in groups.

Empathy is always easier said than done and we all require training and development, and it can be upgraded at any point of our life. As David Goleman would quote an indispensable “emotional intelligence competency” which helps to assure learning, enjoyment of cultural diversity and integration, utterly wellbeing. Let’s not forget that we need to improve self-awareness and social skills, self-confidence, managing our emotions in stress situations, this helps with teamwork, leadership and adaptability to change.

We need to care about people. How we are with ourselves and how we are with others.

After an energizer and theoretical approach to empathy, I chose to involve students in U.lab exercise, namely coaching circles. I also connected their Music studies to Empathy, and how each one has relevance to creating the environment we are living in, just like an orchestra!

To our surprise students opened immediately, there were many case givers, and the breakthroughs were amazing. They all understood how challenging interpersonal communication is, that empathy requires deep listening skills, and suspending judgment, connecting with an open heart, head and will.

The group was amazing, and I trust they will bring this experience into their personal and professional life.

I wish to thank Francesca Pannozzo and Lilia Lamas for this opportunity, and I am looking forward to our next workshops starting September.

Want to learn more about EQ?

Click HERE for some theoretical models https://positivepsychology.com/emotional-intelligence-theories/#:~:text=Goleman’s%20EI%20Performance%20Model%20(Faltas,12%20’subscales’%20of%20EI.

I encourage you listen to Daniel Goleman introducing EQ here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7m9eNoB3NU

or even better this one-hour interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXW3XH08G3M

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Docenza Rapporto Sostenibilità Master II livello Sviluppo Sostenibile Cambiamento Climatico Università di Pisa

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Il 7 e 14 Ottobre sono stata docente al Master di II livello dell’Università di Pisa su Sviluppo Sostenibile e Cambiamento Climatico, conducendo la prima parte del modulo 6 sul Rapporto di Sostenibilità.

Il master interdisciplinare è ispirato all’Agenda 2030 e agli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile delle Nazioni Unite (SDGs), ha una durata di un anno ed è erogato online. Vede protagonisti del percorso formativo 43 partecipanti provenienti da diversi settori professionali e funzionali e di diverse generazioni.

La docenza, svolta in presenza del professore Giacomo Lorenzini, è stata molto partecipata, certamente parlare di rapporto di sostenibilità è molto attuale, prima di entrare nel dettaglio degli standard di reportistica ho deciso di condividere contenuti, riflessioni ed esempi legati ai seguenti temi:


  • Il concetto di Sistema (Planetary boundaries, Doughnut Economics, Systems Thinking);
  • Terminologie e organizzazione per la reportistica;
  • Stakeholder engagement, Matrice di Materialità;
  • Change, Marketing and Reputation Management.

È stato molto interessante confrontarsi sull’esercitazione di ricercare un brand preferito e le comunicazioni disponibili online in tema di sostenibilità d’impresa. Abbiamo discusso di alcuni brand della moda come H&M, Ottocharme, Kinder, MAC come esse rendicontano o come non lo fanno e come si collega alla strategia d’impresa.

Per approfondire il master, i moduli e iscriversi per l’anno prossimo potete consultare: https://www.agr.unipi.it/master-in-sviluppo-sostenibile-e-cambiamento-climatico/

Per scaricare l’ebook con l’Alfabeto dello sviluppo sostenibile e dei cambiamenti climatici


Ringrazio la Prof.ssa Elisa Giuliani per avermi selezionata tra i docenti esterni e collaboratori del REMARC https://remarc.ec.unipi.it/

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Sustainable Campuses as a key to future development

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Reports show that SDGs are not known by middle management, and CSR is not fully taken to its potential unless management buys in the moral purpose, and not only as the license to operate. Let’s start by investing in a sustainable campus, and seeding our closest future leaders. I recommend you register to the 2nd International Symposium on Sustainable Campus.

The program is very rich, and susan george and I will share a workshop introducing Theory U and some tools to facilitate ego to eco-system transformation.

Conference link, and registrations: https://www.haw-hamburg.de/en/ftz-nk/events/florence2018.html

When: Tuesday 11 December – 17:15 – 19:00 U.lab Social Innovation Hub training in University Campuses Elena Piani, and Susan George. Piani Projects and University of Florence, Italy

Where: University of Florence,  Aula Ostensio Del Giardino dei Semplici (Botanical Garden) – Via Micheli 3 Florence

Workshop brief: Building upon two decades of action research at MIT, Theory U shows how individuals, teams, organizations and large systems can build the essential leadership capacities needed to address the root causes of today’s social, environmental, and spiritual challenges. In this workshop we will share the five movements and seven essential leadership capacities reinforced through the U process, allowing a shift in consciousness from ego-system to eco-system awareness. The workshop will also involve the experimentation of some tools of the U.lab platform available on MOOC and in person programs. Further information is available at https://www.presencing.org/#/aboutus/theory-u and https://www.presencing.org/#/programs/course/landing-page/ulab_1x/at_a_glance

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